“I appreciate people who work hard and take pride in offering honest service. Harding and Associates is hard-working, dependable, fairly priced, and efficient. They are a full-time service who responds promptly to any request we make. Eric and Jessica take pride in their work and are heavily involved in managing their business.”

Adam Watkins, Realtor for The DeLois Smith All-Star Team

“I met Eric & Jessica Harding about 15 yrs ago, just as they were about to be married & also starting their new business. I liked their “Can Do” attitude and became one of their first customers. I have witnesses & enjoyed watching them grow their business & I have been the recipient of their attention to detail & also requiring the same from their employees. I have two private yards and Harding & Associates landscaping have maintained and more than met my all my landscaping needs for the past 15 yrs.”

Alice Funderburk

“Our company has used the services of Harding and associates 9 years. We have always found them to be reliable and responsive to our ongoing needs as well as those things that occur from time to time. Our property is a showcase for prospective clients and customers, so appearance is a major concern of ours. Those who tour always comment on the appearance of our property. Sometimes this came about because of a call for “emergency” services by Harding. Their varied expertise has been invaluable to us over the years. We have had them do landscape work, fence building, and road repair. It has been a pleasure to work with Eric and Jessica, and the confidence in knowing when requesting their services on a project or job, that they will complete with quality and excellence. As the person accountable for this part of our company, I appreciate the relationship that we have with Harding & Associates.”

Tom Allen Controller, Molpus Timberlaands Management

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http://escapebail.com/fr-BE/golden-palace-bruxelles_28-04-2020 “I have been using Harding and Associates for years. I am so pleased with them. They are very professional, knowledgeable, dependable , and dedicated. I highly recommend them.”

Lou Boyles, Teacher http://veterans-fcbeausoleil.com/fr-FR/casino-shop-cahors_28-04-2020


“We removed forty five large pine trees from our half acre back yard last fall. Harding and Associates transformed the resulting muddy disaster into a well-manicured park-like setting in a matter of weeks. Providing services ranging from landscape planning and installation to carpentry, masonry and electrical work, Harding and Associates is a wonderful resource for all outdoor project needs buy aleve online.

Eric and Jessica Harding and their staff worked tirelessly through the winter rains to complete the installation of our yard. The results of the project are stunning and far exceed anything I could have imagined before the work began. Their lawn maintenance service continues to tend the yard, which grows more established every week. Concerns and problems are quickly addressed and resolved by this highly professional business. I highly recommend the landscaping services of Harding and Associates.”

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http://grindhousehts.com/fr-FR/s%C3%A9rie-secte_28-04-2020 “Lloyd and I would like to congratulate you two on building a successful and thriving landscape business. We have been fortunate to have known you from it’s infancy and watch you grow over the past years. I can say that because we are probably one of your oldest clients since we have been doing business with Eric long before he chose to venture out on his own. You have always worked hard to satisfy our needs and make sure we were always pleased your work. We are proud to have such a longstanding relationship with such wonderful people. Thanks for taking good care of us all these past years. I highly recommend anyone to give you the opportunity to work with them to experience the same level of service with their landscape needs.”

Mary Frances Mullen